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CWI Media Release;KINGSTON, Jamaica – Former senior team Manager, Ricky Skerritt is the new President of Cricket West Indies. He defeated incumbent, Dave Cameron 8 – 4; His running mate, Dr Kishore Shallow who challenged Emmanuel Nanthan also won the same margin.

Skerritt says “I am humbled and deeply honoured to be elected as President. We pledge to work for improvement on and off the field for West Indies Cricket.”

Newly elected Vice President, Dr Shallow said, “I am grateful and humbled by the support of the members of the territorial board. This is a victory for West Indies Cricket.”

The proceedings were done under the watchful eyes of international audit firm, KPMG.

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dayne 2019-03-24 16:55:54 

A breath of new air, hopefully this new crew modernize the CWI operations

solidrock 2019-03-24 19:05:34 

Congrats to Skerritt. Lead with new passion and vision. Thank you, Cameron, for what was accomplished positively.

Now Skerritt deal with Jimbo fairly. Start now!

powen001 2019-03-24 19:38:27 

In reply to

good news.


lets give Mr Skerritt a brief honey moon to adjust , settle and put CRICKET first.

Conde overplayed his hand in support for Cameron...lets see how the new Leadership deals with his skulduggery.


camos 2019-03-24 19:41:08 

In reply to solidrock

Now Skerritt deal with Jimbo fairly. Start now!

thought you guys wanted a president to stay away from selection? rolleyes

Courtesy 2019-03-24 19:44:17 

In reply to camos

Fellas start to talk fackery. No president should micro-manage,...formulate the policy, get buy in and ensure the policy is implemented.

buds 2019-03-24 19:53:15 

We will revert to going backyards now. Why would you vote a man out that has done so much for WI and players?

Lets see what the new team can do! cry

openning 2019-03-24 20:02:16 

Tonight Cameron must be feeling, like the big idiot he've been called, on this MB.

Slipfeeler 2019-03-24 20:22:46 

In reply to openning

I have been posting for a long time that the Cameron administration had done nothing for Jamaica. The protracted ignoring of Jcan test players for WI duties is unforgivable, added to the humiliation of not playing Blackwood, the only Yardie on the test team at Sabina Park in front of his home crowd another unforgivable decision. Cameron cannot expect support from his home country when he had no backbone to support Yardie test players. Skerritt hopefully will learn from the mistakes of Cameron or he may find himself as a one term President, despite overwhelming support from Jamaica in this election.

camos 2019-03-24 20:30:56 

In reply to Slipfeeler

JCB has just put Heaven and company on notice ,he will have to produce bigtime or this is his last term.

Dooglar 2019-03-24 20:31:48 

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when do they take office?

buds 2019-03-24 20:32:10 

In reply to Slipfeeler

He had nothing to do with that? The selectors made their choice. I did no agree with not playing Blackwood at Bina but, Cameron had nothing to do with that.
It was fact up that CBrung ignore Blackwood. Unforgivable.

sgtdjones 2019-03-24 20:49:19 

In reply to buds

The day Cameron decided he didn't want Sammy and the Trini Players, Conde noted they are all trouble, he was doomed.

I am sure you saw when he micromanaged in all areas of CWI,
good riddance.

At the stakeholders level anyone but Cameron. A humiliating

Will history be kind to him, in time we will know.

Slipfeeler 2019-03-24 20:55:26 

In reply to buds

First Cameron, then Browne, hopefully a full cleaning out of incumbent selectors who continued to fail WI cricket and WI fans.

Drapsey 2019-03-24 21:00:53 

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So the dotties tek over again.

Look for KP to be the new Captain in all formats.

Priapus 2019-03-24 21:39:13 

In reply to Drapsey

So the dotties tek over again.

The New World Order bro. In time you will get over your hurt feelings. I mean it's not as if dotties has contributed anything to WI cricket.

tc1 2019-03-24 22:29:20 

In reply to sgtdjones

Let back up here Tamarind Jones,did Jamician Dave not install Dancing Bravo as captain.
Did he not made Dancing Bravo a life time member of his club in Ja.
Dave was the prince of Tunipunia and your all tits call him papa Dave before the India tour.

Yamfoot 2019-03-24 22:32:17 

In reply to Courtesy

...formulate the policy, get buy in and ensure the policy is implemented.

Skerritt's ministerial experience should help in this regard.

Fivestar 2019-03-25 00:37:36 

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Congratulations to Mr Skerritt and Mr Shallow. Gentlemen, a tough road lies ahead as much will be expected. My advice is remain humble and always act in the best interest of West Indies cricket.

sgtdjones 2019-03-25 10:24:07 

In reply to tc1

Limestone tc1

Let back up here Tamarind Jones,did Jamician Dave not install Dancing Bravo as captain.

ah, tort Dave noted he had nutting to do with the selection of players.

It was left to others.


Slipfeeler 2019-03-25 10:38:04 

In reply to buds

Beckles and Hunt, they had Sammy captain for life.