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HEADLINE: Roston Chase: 'Won't be happy if I don't get at least one century' 2020-06-21 16:21:19 

Roston Chase has played as much of a part as any of his team-mates in West Indies' recent improvements as a Test side. He has scored five hundred since his debut in 2016, including a six-hour rearguard against India in his second Test, and another in his last encounter with England. Two Tests before that, his eight-wicket haul condemned England to defeat in Barbados and set Jason Holder's side on their way to reclaiming the Wisden Trophy.

Chase also did his bit when West Indies won at Headingley in 2017, although that was an underwhelming tour generally as he averaged 13.33 with the bat. Perhaps that is why he has set his sights on scoring "at least one century" this time around. "Once you do well in England, I think your stock as a cricketer goes up on the international scene," he said.

"I've always wanted to score a century in England. I scored a century against England in the Caribbean, but I would love to get one in England. As I said, when you score hundreds in England, I think, as a batsman people take you more serious and rate you a bit higher. I'm looking to have a good series with the bat, score as many runs as possible. I will not be happy if I don't get at least one century."

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natty_forever 2020-06-21 16:23:49 

I expect an all round team effort, hence from 1 to 7 will be scoring centures over the 3 tests. big grin

natty_forever 2020-06-21 16:24:29 

Yup, at least 7 centuries.

allan 2020-06-21 21:34:28 

A lot of disappointing guys leaving England

natty_forever 2020-06-22 12:06:07 

In reply to allan

The English have somewhere going after?

allan 2020-06-22 14:39:35 

In reply to natty_forever

If you honestly believe we have the batters to make runs consistently in England i cant help but wonder if we not willing to face the facts.. We will be embarrassed again by our batters..

Kraigg and Campbell have difficulty facing a moving ball
Brooks? Has only 2 or so matches experience
Hope seems to favor white ball cricket
Our only hope is Chase, Holder and Dowich

voiceofreason 2020-06-22 16:34:40 

The top/middle order is too fragile. Chase, Holer, Dowrich and Jimbo if he plays will make the runs. Anderson, Broad, Archer and Wood will be too much. Their batting have issues too so we not alone.

powen001 2020-06-23 19:20:43 

In reply to voiceofreason

Im hoping that Covid has leveled the playing field pun intended for them...but your post is worthy.

Lets see who wants it more.

Im backing Roston- Lets see who else means what they say on this one.

openning 2020-06-23 21:47:56 

In reply to powen001

A few players played county cricket in England, Kraigg's last ton was there last year.
From the report today, Hope after getting off the mark was solid, which is good.
Kraigg has problems with his balance, he has to be able free his left leg, Roach got him today not able to get that foot forward.

clokey 2020-06-23 23:39:22 

In reply to allan

Every single batsmen in the world has 'difficulty facing a moving ball' lol

powen001 2020-06-23 23:54:43 

In reply to openning

I missed some of the report from the warm up match but Gabriel did well, Roston made 37...and I think hope 83...

just saw report from

was looking for the hand over face in shame emoji big grin

allan 2020-06-24 00:06:44 

In reply to clokey

Ask Viv, Tendukar, Greenidge and Haynes about facing the moving ball

allan 2020-06-24 00:07:26 

In reply to clokey

Ask Viv, Tendukar, Greenidge and Haynes about facing the moving ball

openning 2020-06-24 00:26:28 

In reply to powen001
You have to follow it on Twitter.
The scoreboard can be downloader below.
Link Text

powen001 2020-06-25 02:47:11 

In reply to openning

cheers big grin

openning 2020-06-25 02:50:16 

In reply to powen001
Cricinfo link is better
Link Text

clokey 2020-06-25 03:18:34 

In reply to allan

Your un-ironic counter is that I should ask 4-5 of the best batsmen that have ever played the game? lol

It's of course true that some players deal with a ball seaming better than others, some deal with spin better than others, some deal with seam movement better than others.

After a good two decades of slow, lifeless test pitches around the world, I think it's also fair to say that almost ALL test batsmen, barring a couple of modern day guns, are absolutely rubbish against true, controlled swing, including the English, who play the most on those kinds of pitches.