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HEADLINE: Grave: ‘Territorial boards treated evenly’ 2021-04-08 05:02:10 

Chief executive Johnny Grave has defended Cricket West Indies’ treatment of territorial boards, contending the governing body had been “equitable” in its allocation of international fixtures and financial resources.

Noting CWI were ever cognisant about accusations of partiality towards certain territories, Grave said it was the board’s stated philosophy by way of policy, to ensure insularity was removed from the regional game.

“It’s a philosophy that we try to have, that’s why we took the view, certainly pre-COVID, to ensure that every international ground or every territory that had international cricket would have at least had a Test match or two white-ball games, and we would spread our cricket around the region trying to take any accusation of politics out of how we play cricket,” the Englishman explained.

“I think we, certainly on an equitable basis, fund all the franchises and fund all the territorial boards so there’s no favour shown or discrepancies between how we now allocate cricket or fund the territorial boards so I think in that respect, I think we’re doing as much as we can do.”.

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Jeremy 2021-04-08 05:21:29 

This article is not true. Guyana has always gotten less international games then the other territory.

Because of the higher currency and more profit. trinidad and barbados has gotten many more games. Even the small islands and jamaica have gotten more games then guyana.

Let them go and check the history of where international games has been played in the caribbean for the past 40 yrs.

You will find most games played in trinidad and barbados because of higher currency and profit.

International cricket rarely played in guyana. This johnny grave guy is trying to cover his ass by writing some bullshit.

If this grave guy think games were given evenly to every territory then let him go and check the stats for the past 40yrs.

Jeremy 2021-04-08 06:25:03 

Recently since the chinese built cricket stadium in st kitts and st lucia and other small islands they have been getting most of the
international games to promote tourism for the small islands.

well guyana needs tourism promotion too mr johnny grave.