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HEADLINE: Perry blames territorial boards for WI's decline in recent years 2021-06-03 12:41:24 

Cricket West Indies (CWI) and the Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) will continue to offer development opportunities to some of the best young West Indians in the ninth edition of the CPL, which takes place in St Kitts later this year. Since 2019, and for the third consecutive season, twelve (12) players have been drafted, retained or signed into the two mandatory Emerging Player positions in each of the six CPL franchises.

Last month the International Cricket Council (ICC) released rankings that indicated the Caribbean side had moved two places up to sixth — its best position in nearly a decade.

“It is a very encouraging sign, [but] the thing about this now is the sustainability of it. We all have to do it from the territorial board level and from the school level and at the top level,” Perry told the Jamaica Observer in a telephone interview.

“The local territorial boards believe that Cricket West Indies (CWI), formerly West Indies Cricket Board, must do all of the development and work. That is the cause of West Indies cricket's demise over the years,” the former Jamaica and West Indies off-spinner said.

Though CWI is responsible for governing the game in the region, West Indies cricket comprises six territorial boards. These boards — Barbados Cricket Association, Guyana Cricket Board, Jamaica Cricket Association, Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board, Leeward Islands Cricket Board and Windward Islands Cricket Board — are expected to foster development within their respective territories by promoting the game in schools, communities and clubs.

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Slipfeeler 2021-06-03 12:55:57 

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So ironic that his comments are very relevant to the Jamaica Cricket Board, which should have at least be doing much more to promote the sport on cricket on that island, as there seems to be a waning interest in cricket, especially among the younger Jamaicans. Cricket falls way below Football, Track and field, and even basketball among young Jamaicans. My high school football team would have no problem overfilling Sabina Park, while the Jamaica and even West Indies teams would have problems filling even a couple of stands at the same venue.
I think in all territories in the region, not only in Jamaica, we need a new marketing strategy and rebranding of the sport of cricket, to develop more primary schools, high schools and community cricket, cricket academies and maybe even touring Regional teams, to create international match practice, exposure and to provide the necessary finances, along with local corporations and businesses, to cover the expenses and to further develop our young cricketers.

WIfan26 2021-06-03 13:50:19 

In reply to Slipfeeler

There's an even easier fix to the situation, just start to "Win" No one wants to follow a team that loses everytime with the exception of RCB and GAW lol. The talent is there but it's not consistent enough to inspire youngsters to take up the game. We no longer have the Brian Lara, Viv Richards, Walsh, Ambrose etc. who were world class and everyone wanted to be like them and copy all their mannerisms! The only motivation we have is franchise cricket money which that even fails in comparison to Basketball, Football, and even Track and Field!!!

openning 2021-06-03 14:52:27 

In reply to WIfan26

There's an even easier fix to the situation, just start to "Win"

I am quite sure this team can beat Canada, USA, China and many other teams.
We have won two T20 WC,had some dominance in that format, similar to our heroes of the eighties.
Gayle, Sammy, Bravo, Pollard and others bring that T20 league experience, Similar to Llyod, Richards, Greenidge and others by playing County cricket.
We fall short in continuing the developing of players after the U19 level.
In some Windward Islands T10 cricket is a staple the last two years, that tells me these Islands are preparing teams or a Windward Island squad, for the T10 tournament in the Middle East.
There are T20 international tournaments and a T20 regional tournament, would it not better for these Islands to prepare players for T20 instead of T10?

WIfan26 2021-06-03 15:24:41 

In reply to openning

I agree with you to a certain extent but we're also ranked 10th in T20's so clearly we're not winning in that either. Yes there have been glimpses of inspiration but nothing of substance. In all honesty T10 is just a marketing strategy to get more people involved in cricket globally and promote the game as much as possible but the epitome of cricket will always be Test Cricket!!! What I'm saying is we have to win all the time and be the best in the world!!! This would create a better brand create more funding and in turn improve our infrastructure but alas our management will never have that sort of vision and we will always be lagging behind with the world of talent but no structure!!!

Dukes 2021-06-03 15:55:35 

It seems obvious to me that Perry wants to be President of the JCA.However I have not seen him put out any semblance of a plan to revitalize Jamaican cricket by implementing schools cricket as well as club cricket or any similar ideas.Can those in Jamaica tell us what has Perry been doing over the last 3 years to invigorate Jamaican cricket.

Slipfeeler 2021-06-03 15:58:16 

T-10 cricket could be used as tool to attract younger West Indian fans into cricket stadiums but we would like them also to be attracted to test cricket, and I agree that winning will significantly generate interest in the game. Particularly, Jamaicans are disincline to support losing teams but will rally around successful teams.

openning 2021-06-03 15:58:46 

In reply to WIfan26
The main reason we rank ten, the main players have not played for CWI after the WC win, because of DD and his lot.
Sammy was banished for speaking out.

Slipfeeler 2021-06-03 16:01:24 

In reply to Dukes

Not only Perry but I haven't seen JCA doing much to improve the image of cricket as a sport in Jamaica, especially among younger potential fans.

WIfan26 2021-06-03 21:33:44 

In reply to openning

Main players or not there's enough talent to win especially in T20 cricket! There's just not enough Passion and Pride instilled in these players the reason they won those two WC albeit having the best players in the world helped but they played with tremendous pride and had a point to prove!!! That's how they should play every single series they play in but they've fallen into a trap of mediocrity when representing the WI!!!

camos 2021-06-04 00:02:40 

In reply to Dukes

However I have not seen him put out any semblance of a plan to revitalize Jamaican cricket by implementing schools cricket

Does cricket in schools come under the Ministry of Education or the local cricket board?

POINT 2021-06-05 00:00:02 

In my opinion , the Decline of Cricket
in the West Indies is mainly the fault
of the Lords in the WICBC .

My take is that the improvement of West
Indies Cricket will only improve if or
when The Lords in the WICBC change their insufferable Attitude .

THEY unfortunately believe that THEY
and only THEY know what is good for
Cricket in the Region .

What WE have is a classic case of
" Monkey See Monkey Do ". They relish behaving like their Predecessors .

West Indies Cricket aint going to improve unless or until , those in the WICBC/CWI cease their perpetual
condescending attitude towards Our
Players .

Unless this assinine attitude is curbed Forever , WE will perpetually
be at or near the Bottom of International Cricket .

This Attitude had its genesis when those who were in the governance of
West Indies Cricket where mainly "white " , and our Players mainly Black .

While it is true that currently most
of those in the WICBC/CWI are Black ,
They relish being dictatorial , and
condescending to Our Players .

Unfortunately most of those in the
Region who claim to be sports Journalists , are really the Flunkies
of the WICBC/CWI .

Sadly , the only person worth reading
regarding Cricket is former Player
Michael Holding ; all others , in my
opinion are Frauds, masquerading as
Sports Writers .

imusic 2021-06-05 02:31:45 

In reply to POINT

Sadly , the only person worth reading
regarding Cricket is former Player
Michael Holding ; all others , in my
opinion are Frauds, masquerading as
Sports Writers .

All along I thought Holdinf was a color commentator for radio and TV.

Never knew he wrote cricket articles as well

newdread 2021-06-05 10:42:17 

In reply to camos

Does cricket in schools come under the Ministry of Education or the local cricket board?

Good question...let's ask Perry since he is quoted in the article as saying that school's cricket is one of the pillars on which cricket in Jamaica should be revitalized.

Not sure he knows himself how to accomplish that....but it sounds good.....