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HEADLINE: Chanderpaul believes many modern generation players motivated by money 2022-11-18 13:59:56 

West Indies legend Shivnarine Chanderpaul believes several of the current generation are more motivated by money as opposed to the pride that drove their predecessors to global success.

Over the last several years the Caribbean team’s struggles with losing its players to lucrative T20 leagues around the world is a well-noted one.  At various points in time, some of the region’s most notable players have found themselves at loggerheads with Cricket West Indies (CWI) over availability issues.

“We played for pride,” added Chanderpaul told Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, on the heels of his recent induction to the International Cricket Council’s Hall of Fame.

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Drapsey 2022-11-18 15:32:17 

Good on you Shiv for turning down all those ICL/IPL contracts offered to you.

You are the man!

Jumpstart 2022-11-18 19:03:20 

In reply to Drapsey

lol lol lol lol lol lol

imusic 2022-11-18 19:50:59 

In reply to Drapsey

lol lol

Shiv has a ways to go, but he well on the road to emulating Sir Andy

Jumpstart 2022-11-18 21:51:05 

In reply to imusic

lol lol

Narper 2022-11-18 21:56:43 

In reply to Drapsey

The point Shiv right or wrong?

Your intended sarcastic insinuation is irrelevant.

And...why is is the money(the payment for specialized services} motivation bad?

In my books that is good trait in any young ...offer the players equivalent remuneration for their services and they will stay at home,...if not, then you have reason to chastise them

powen001 2022-11-18 23:35:37 

In reply to Narper

Shiv is CORRECT.

They all know it...but this is the Rumshop..what you expect Narps...reasonable debate when flag defense is the reflex action in here?

camos 2022-11-19 00:11:52 

Anyone has a list of all the players WI screwed?

jacksparrow 2022-11-19 16:30:43 

I dont think he intends it as criticism on the players' performance. He is stating the obvious what he left out is that the management's treatment of many of its players have contributed to loss of pride playing for the West Indies

Curtis 2022-11-19 16:39:46 

When I played, I played for the fringe benefits associated with the lady groupies.

At least in my imagination.

Jumpstart 2022-11-19 17:02:03 

In reply to powen001

And dear powen…….do you think that chanders played for the pride and respect that comes with being a famed WI cricketer……even as his inferiors like Keith Athurton were picked before him in the earlier part of his career? Or do you think part of, and need I say a great part of that motivation was to escape the grinding poverty in Guyana?

To many West Indians, I realize the monetary aspect of professional sport irks them. Is just like when the WICB had contractual disputes with the players over sponsorships they could never dream of remotely replicating. And then to turn the public discussion in their favor, they invoke pride and standards. Pitiful

Curtis 2022-11-19 19:28:05 

In reply to Drapsey

Good on you Shiv for turning down all those ICL/IPL contracts offered to you.

Bet your bottom dollar if those kind of salaries were around in Shiv's early days, he would have become a cow lasher too like the less skilled WI players of today's vintage.

Chrissy 2022-11-19 20:40:02 

In reply to Narper
You tell me - our scientists, doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, hotel workers, etc migrated and continue to migrate for the money - how are the cricketers different in this age of the prosperity gospel?

Jumpstart 2022-11-19 20:48:18 

In reply to Curtis

Hoss shiv went to the ipl the one time he was invited.

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Curtis 2022-11-19 21:34:05 

In reply to Jumpstart

True but by then the tree was already crab wood and not able to bend to T20 mentality.

Star 2022-11-21 18:54:31 

In reply to
These comments are ill advised. Why go there Shiv? Can pride support a professional cricketers family today?

The majority of WI professional cricketers lose their earning potential as a cricketer by the time they turn 35 years old. You should know this because when you turned 35 people in certain quarters were calling for your omission from the team. It is a very narrow view for you to take.

The majority of cricketers in the Caribbean are academically unqualified which limits their future earnings potential after their cricketing career comes to an end. Yes, we can point our fingers at a few success examples such as Ian Bishop, Darren Ganga, Samuel Badree, Tony Gray, Richie Richardson, Darren Sammy Stacey Ann King, Colin Croft (and I will put your name in there for good measure) but you all are the lucky ones. All the others who are struggling to support their families today are examples of reality.

In the private sector a professional, Lawyer, Doctor (you get my drift) is not stressed out and worried about what will happen to them when they turn 35 years old as is the case with many professional cricketers from the Caribbean.

No professional cricketer from the Caribbean should be chastised for making sensible and logical decisions to maximize their earning potential when the opportunity presents itself. If this means playing franchise cricket around the world in preference to representing a regional team or the West Indies team, so be it.

This talk about playing for pride during your time as a cricketer cannot be associated with today's reality.
rolleyes wink