HEADLINE: Windies in mourning as Alzarri Joseph's mother dies on morning of third day in Antigua

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2/2/19 8:55:12 AM 

Alzarri Joseph, the West Indies fast bowler, has announced that his mother, Sharon, has died ahead of play on the third day of the Test against England in Antigua.

While there is no confirmation on Joseph's involvement in the remainder of the Test, he was part of a team huddle ahead of play and then warmed up with his team-mates. Joseph is yet to bat in West Indies' first innings and would be expected to play a full part with the ball when England bat again. He has claimed five wickets at a cost of 18.60 apiece in the series so far.

A statement from Cricket West Indies invited spectators to "please join us as we express condolences to Alzarri and his family".

On the first day of the game, the 22-year-old Joseph claimed a wicket with his first ball in Test cricket in his native Antigua when Joe Denly edged an attempted cut shot.

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2/2/19 8:57:34 AM 
Sad. My condolence.

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2/2/19 8:58:47 AM 
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Condolences Alzarri. Tough to lose a loved on any day much less in the middle of a test.

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2/2/19 9:01:06 AM 
Hola....very very sad and it really touched me..I am really saddened as Al Jo is still a youngster and ....well..stay strong Al JO..
May mom soul rest in peace.

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2/2/19 9:05:06 AM 
In reply to CITYBOY I a big grey back man lost my mother some 8 yrs ago and still sad. Feel it for the yute.

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2/2/19 9:25:26 AM 
Really sad to hear this. Deepest condolences to Aljo and his family in their time of grief. No love like a Mother's love.

Just a reminder that Life is bigger than Cricket.

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2/2/19 9:26:42 AM 
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In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

Real sad cry

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2/2/19 9:29:16 AM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

Condolences to Alzarri and his family.

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2/2/19 9:37:07 AM 
My deepest condolences to Alzarri and his family at such sad times RIP Mum.

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2/2/19 9:40:03 AM 
Very very sad news

Condolences to Al Jo and family

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2/2/19 9:40:38 AM 
My condolence to Alzari and family. Stay strong in the Lord God.

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In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

speechless.... cry

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My heartfelt condolences to Alzarri and family on the lost of his mother!
May she RIP.

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2/2/19 9:48:24 AM 
My goodness what terrible news. What a hellish situation for Alzarri at such a young age. Condolences to the family.

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2/2/19 10:01:51 AM 
My sincere condolences to the young man and his family, common on guys lets win this for Zarrie.

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2/2/19 10:21:17 AM 
Stokes to Alzarri Joseph, out Caught by Rory Burns! Good catch low to his right! Angling in and straightening subtly from the original line, just enough, squares Alzarri Joseph up on the backfoot, takes a thick edge, and flies quickly to the left of Burns at 3rd slip who moves swiftly to his right to take a sharp catch. Thunderous applause for Joseph who has shown immense courage walking out to bat this morning. Windies lose their 9th.

Alzarri Joseph c Rory Burns b Stokes 7(20) [4s-1]

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2/2/19 10:39:39 AM 
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My prayers for him and other families members

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2/2/19 11:20:01 AM 
Tough call for Aljo

Stay strong.

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Condolence to you and your family, young Mr. Joseph. You have shown much strength and courage. May your mom RIP.

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Condolences to the young man and family. He has the heart of a lion.

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