HEADLINE: Jofra Archer hits back at Michael Holding

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9/15/20, 8:15:44 AM 

Jofra Archer insisted England have not forgotten about the Black Lives Matter movement amid criticism from Michael Holding for not kneeling before games.

England joined the West Indies in kneeling prior to matches during their Test series in July but have not done so since across matches with Ireland, Pakistan and Australia.

Windies legend Holding hit out at England for stopping with the gesture "as soon as West Indies went home" and raised the question of whether they had "jumped on the bandwagon" by kneeling during that series.

However, speaking in a media conference, fast bowler Archer criticised Holding's comments, claiming the Black Lives Matter cause is still very much in the mind of those in the England set-up.

"I'm pretty sure Michael Holding doesn't know anything that is going on behind the scenes," said the Barbados-born paceman.

"I don't think he has spoken to [ECB chief executive] Tom Harrison. I think that would be a bit harsh for him to say that.

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9/15/20, 8:44:05 AM 
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To get ahead in today's Britain, people of colour have to play the white man's game.

It seems that Archer is doing that....

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Yes yuh right 1000%,"play the white man's game",when I didn't do that they said I had"a chip on my shoulder".They want you to see things and hear things and turn a blind eye.

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9/15/20, 10:13:46 AM 

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archer forget his roots and thinks he is white wait till he has one bad series and he will be history

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Jofro Archer should keep his mouth shut. This is a guy who didn't think he should play for the West Indies. He figured he had to play for England to be considered a real man. He talks about what's going on behind closed doors. What's happening behind closed doors? Are his white teammates washing his feet? If you have a principled, conscientious position that you believe in, you shouldn't have to hide behind closed door to express it. So, I don't care what Mr. Archer and his English teammates are doing in their dressing room. If they do not have the conviction and guts to speak out for the world to see, they can keep their support. And Mr. Archer can take his honorary whitehood and stuff it!

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So is Traitorism genetic or is it learned?

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Jofro Archer should keep his mouth shut. This is a guy who didn't think he should play for the West Indies. He figured he had to play for England to be considered a real man.

I just hope you stayed in the region, and is happy with the decision you made for your family.
Millions of us left, but still supported the Island we are from.
Why dont you tell Gayle, Bravo, Russell and others, the CWI should come first, when league T20 tournaments are being played.
Bunch of hypocrites.

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Staying in di region nuh have nuttn to do with resorting to bowing for big daddy's benefit!

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