HEADLINE: Nehemiah Perry calls on JCA delegates to put cricket over private agendas

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4/30/21, 1:43:06 AM 

Former West Indies spinner and Jamaica captain, Nehemiah Perry, has called on delegates of his home country to put the interest of the sport first and not pursue what he described as a ‘separate agenda’ than wanting the best for the game.

Although an election date is yet to set, Jamaica Cricket Association president (JCA) Wilford Billy Heaven is expected to run unopposed for a fourth two-year team when the annual general meeting is held. 

He has successfully held off two challenges, winning by a landslide on both occasions and many in the country’s local cricketing circles believe he would do the same if confronted by opposition in the 2021 election.

“I think we definitely need change.  I cannot understand why it is that we have not won anything over the years, we have been last, second to last, we’ve only won one trophy out of 30-odd, and at the end of the day the administration is winning by a landslide,” Perry told the Mason and Guest radio program.

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4/30/21, 12:27:38 PM 
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Mr Perry there is an attitude ranging from indifference to mild interest towards the sport of cricket in Jamaica, I think its the obligation and within the best interest of both JCA and CWI to change that perception among younger Jamaicans, otherwise the only losing fraternity in Jamaican Sports arena will unfortunately be cricket.

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4/30/21, 2:00:56 PM 
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Mr. Perry should say in what way the Heaven Administration has failed and how a different administration would tackle the Problems of Jamaican cricket and what benchmarks he would use to judge their progress.Instead all he has done is demonize Mr. Heaven and his supporters by saying the they do not have the good of Jamaican cricket at heart without providing any evidence whatsoever to prove his points.

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Totally concurring with you, he needs to lay out his argument concisely with developmental plans and how to turn around Jamaica's future performances.

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4/30/21, 6:54:52 PM 
Heaven needs to go!

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