HEADLINE: 'Windies not focused on singles' - vice-captain Pooran

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10/14/21, 10:35:59 AM 

West Indies vice-captain Nicholas Pooran insists the team has looked to address well-noted concerns regarding the rotation of the strike but believes it is important to stick to its strengths, with the World Cup on the horizon.

Known internationally for their flamboyant, swashbuckling style, the Caribbean team will head into next week's tournament as defending champions.  However, despite having captured the global title on two occasions, questions have been raised in recent times regarding the team’s batting approach.

“We have net sessions and we as a group have spoken about it, we have players to play certain roles, honestly.  As a batting group, we want to get better, we want to improve, and getting singles is a part of that game as well, but our focus is not so much on singles,” Pooran told members of the media on Tuesday.

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10/14/21, 11:25:38 AM 
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Singles? We are big hitters. Singles are like badges...we dont need no stinking badges! lol lol lol

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10/14/21, 11:35:59 AM 
The gumption of these guys

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Can’t believe what I’m reading!
These guys will never learn the art of the game! No wonder WI cricket is where it is!

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It's one of those things. The composition of the squad and the strategies they used in internationals this year means they're not going to deviate. Their plan is essentially, we're batting 9/10 deep and going to count on the smashers to smash.

The Avengers, nah. Nine Hulks, yep.

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Homie. It worked for the TT Red force in 2009(we reached the final) and it worked in 2012 and 2016. The secret is not how many singles you take but which bowlers you target for maximum damage

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The self proclaimed experts on this site ...havent clued in to :
It worked for the TT Red force in 2009(we reached the final) and it worked in 2012 and 2016. The secret is not how many singles you take but which bowlers you target for maximum damage

They have a short memory span

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10/14/21, 12:58:17 PM 
Our strength is finding the boundary and if we can find it often enough we will beat any team! While I do support taking singles I agree with Pooran that our focus should not be on singles. If in an over we got six singles we would only get six runs. If we hit a 6 and a 4 we got ten runs. So what's better six singles or four for dot balls, a six and a four?

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It is obvious that not a single person on this thread actually heard the entire interview. Pooran was misquoted and his words were distorted and taken out of context.
I would urge all of you to listen to the entire interview and then you would realize how unfair this article is to him.

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WI soak up a lot of dot balls solely relying on power hitting, against quality bowling they are often exposed a run short and a dolla late.

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