HEADLINE: Gayle hits out at IPL ‘lack of respect’

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5/9/22, 12:30:25 PM 

West Indies cricket star Chris Gayle says he pulled out of this year’s Indian Premier League draw due to a lack of “respect” in his previous two seasons of the Twenty20 tournament.

The big-hitting self-styled “Universe Boss” has long been a popular fixture of the IPL, hitting the most sixes — 357 — of any player in the competition.

He played 10 matches for Punjab Kings in the previous COVID-hit edition before “bubble fatigue” forced him to leave.

“For the last couple of years, the way the IPL went about, I felt like I wasn’t treated properly,” Gayle was quoted as saying by the British daily The Mirror.

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5/9/22, 1:33:49 PM 
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Universe Boss seems like he really believes that he truly is the boss of the Universe. Its all business son. Just like how you took a business-like approach to your career earnings in lieu of full Windies duties commitment. Same knife stick sheep ..stick goat etc etc.

Retire in peace son...you have done well for yourself.

That said, Chris is not the first star to struggle with no longer being in the limelight. There's a market..maybe not huge...but money to be made anyway, out there for psychologists to help superstar sportsmen deal with this phase that is void of continuous adulation.

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5/9/22, 11:11:11 PM 
or he can just start playing Masters cricket. he is of the right age big grin and can prob Universe boss them at that level for a couple years

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5/10/22, 8:47:46 AM 
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Now eeef he smart he will take up this route, get the sixes count up, get some more T20 centuries. Time marching on apace and will overtake him soon

The fans still want to see him though lol

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5/10/22, 10:35:56 AM 
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I'm surprised he didn't blame Sarwan!

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lol lol wait for the youtube video..it coming!

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lol lol lol

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5/10/22, 1:01:57 PM 
Cheeks and VIX nailed everything that needs to be said on this thread!!

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