HEADLINE: New 6ixty competition could open Olympic doors Hall

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6/23/22, 10:34:57 AM 

CRICKET WEST Indies (CWI), in collaboration with the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), has unveiled a new 60-ball cricket format set for launch later this summer, dubbed ‘6ixty’.

While speaking with Gleaner Sports, CWI President Ricky Skerrit called for patience ahead of the start of the tournament.

“It’s an exciting experiment that needs to be given a chance. It’s added on to the front of the CPL to sort of add some further excitement. Most importantly, it gives us a chance to get the women involved in an affordable way. It’s private investment money, so for us, it’s getting goodies without having to invest some of our pretty scarce resources,” he said.

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6/23/22, 11:32:17 AM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

I think with the distinct possibility that Cricket becoming an Olympic sport will be manifested through this format.

The IOC is interested in T20.
Not T10.
Not the Hundred.
Not the 6ixty.

Who's paying these guys to say this nonsense? Why the devil would the Olympics want a cricket format that as of now doesn't even exist?

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6/23/22, 11:47:40 AM 
More 6 or out junk!!! cool

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6/23/22, 11:59:55 AM 
In reply to bdaTryangle

Saw the Leadfoot Cowlasher promoting this shite on Sky TV yesterday!

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6/23/22, 12:26:27 PM 
A new breed of super voopers is born!!

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6/23/22, 9:30:27 PM 
Chris Dehring once said on the Mason and guest show, Paraphrasing: that when the International Olympics Committee (IOC) introduces cricket in the Olympics, that will be the end of CWI as we know it.
Will the above I/C be ready to put that proverbial nail in the CWI coffin?
Brittian is just a stone's throw away from introducing it at the Commonwealth games.

If it does come to fruition, what format will they use?

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6/23/22, 10:16:21 PM 
In reply to TheTrail

I'm not sure why Dehring would suggest such a thing. If the WI were in danger of going extinct because of the Olympics then so would England as they'd have to unite with Scotland and part of Ireland (Ireland in cricket encompasses both the Republic and N.I.). A hypothetical Olympic cricket tournament wouldn't mean any change in how the ICC operates as a members' club, except that they wouldn't get 100% of the revenue that they're used to getting from cricket events.

The IOC is on record as being interested in T20, nothing else. No new untried format that isn't played internationally, no out-of-the-box twist on the existing game, no 6-a-side, no indoor, no beach version. T20.

The 6ixty is a gimmick, maybe it'll bring in new viewers/fans, maybe not. As a short tournament being a prelude to the CPL, it shouldn't be a harm to cricket overall.

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6/24/22, 5:09:47 AM 
The opportunity here was to leave CPL as franchise, and make the 6ixty an inter island ting sad

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