HEADLINE: Skerritt calls for territorial boards to support Wehby Report recommendations at March AGM

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1/23/23, 9:07:19 AM 

CRICKET West Indies (CWI) president Ricky Skerritt remains hopeful that the region’s territorial boards will approve some of the recommendations presented in the Wehby Report on Governance Reform at the upcoming AGM in March.

He said the implementation of the suggestions presented in the July 2020 report by a six-member group, comprising professionals in business, academics, law, politics, and professional cricket, can only come to fruition if the territorial boards vote in agreement to have them approved.

Speaking during Thursday’s virtual press conference alongside Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court judge Justice Patrick Thompson Jr, Skerritt said CWI governance reform lies within the hands of the Caribbean’s respective cricket administrations.

Skerritt said much work was done, during his tenure, “merge” and “adjust” some of the recommendations to initiate much-needed reform at CWI. However, the support from each territorial board remains critical for implementing such recommendations.

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Skerritt knows that the Directors will NEVER agree to reduce their power over CWI so that report is DOA.

Here is a window into the archetypical Director at CWI.
We have 1 person who is President of his cricket club . He is also President of his County cricket board of which his club is a member.He is the President of his National Cricket Board and in addition to being a Director of CWI,his cousin is a President of his County Cricket Club as well as a Director at CWI

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Time for each country to go alone and start off as associate ICC members

There is no benefit to any countryy in continuing in this CWI set up.

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March AGM..... Politician wants an issue for impending election in March.... Nobody prevented The Politician to implement the impungn report earlier but alas!!! He knows how to act and when to act....First , a vague Independent report....now , implement of Wehby report.....The Politician, needs a big kick ......

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