HEADLINE: Protect Jamaica’s cricket legacy – WIPA boss

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9/11/23, 5:33:32 PM 

FORMER WEST Indies and Jamaica player Wavell Hinds is hoping that all is not lost, as news recently came to the fore that Jamaica was not among the seven nations from the Caribbean to have submitted hosting bids for the 2024 International Cricket Council (ICC) Men’s T20 World Cup.

Following widespread condemnation, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Olivia Grange, on Wednesday, said the Government is still considering a bid to host matches.

Minister Grange said while the Government sees the benefit of hosting T20 World Cup games, it has to match that against the “tremendous cost” involved.

She said it’s estimated to cost more than $450 million to bid and host a few games, including infrastructure upgrades to match and practice venues.

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9/11/23, 6:26:03 PM 
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This has so much worth coming from Wavell…… lol lol lol lol

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He still alive... shock

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Give credit to his mentor
lol lol

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who....dunn's river falls manager aka de big idiot

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Mr. Hinds, it ain't gonna happen. This government of Jamaica will not embrace cricket because they don't think it benefits them politically. If they can't show up beside some sports person to hog some credit for their achievement and take advantage of some photo op, they are not interested, no matter how it hurts the country. To them, it's all about political expediency.

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Mature Hubert

Dinas was so proud that Mr Hinds was taking over WIPA , he told me such.
He is the best man to continue fighting for these players, some are very poor and illiterate he noted.
I did my best during my tenure , I didn't want to destroy West Indies Cricket, he said.
Things he told me what Ambassador Ramphal said at his home in Barbados about WICB Management at that time,I will not violate his trust to print such here.They were shocking.

I have spoken to Dinas over the years, I have avoided asking him about WIPA. All based on knowing how dedicated he was on a shoestring budget from an oil company in T&T.On occasions Lara,Sarwan and Gayle helped WIPA financially.He mentioned such when he was at Sarwan's Florida home on holidays to me.

So many thing I cannot write about that I am aware off...I am positive that Dinas is disappointed.

Jumpstart is not Dinas ..as many here believe..

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I agree with the minister, cast is too high, too much for struggling economies

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Dinas was done with wavell after the India debacle. I think most of the good WI players were done with him and WIPA after. He and Cameron spoiled a very good team and inundated the team with mediocre bajans captained by a dude who was not a regular pick on the team pre-India 2014

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My personal opinion, I would agree with your comments young man.. lol

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They had to triple their own salaries

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