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HEADLINE: Easier said than done 2017-03-06 07:30:42 

Give it to Johnny Grave, Jimmy Adams and Stuart Law: they are all saying the right things as far as reinvigorating West Indies cricket on and off the field.
But we have heard better cocks crow on this topic over the past 20-something years, so the new CEO, Director of Cricket and Head Coach need to produce something tangible before they can be perceived as anything other than the soon-to-be latest casualties of a dysfunctional organisation.
It still matters to many in the region, so there will always be a tendency to give new appointees the benefit of the doubt, especially in the case of Adams, the former West Indies captain, reliable middle-order batsman and occasional left-arm spinner who has shown himself over the years to be nothing less than fully committed to anything he is involved in.
As with Dennis Lawrence, the new head coach of the senior men's national football team, a decent playing record can buy some time. Sooner or later though, cordiality evaporates as the demands heat up for results. In the case of the former central defender, the World Cup qualifiers against Panama and Mexico at the end of the month represent the first real tests.
For the trio now holding key portfolios at the WICB though, there are different metre rules to measuring their success, or lack thereof, even if at the end of the day the ultimate determining factor of their effectiveness will be in the performances of the different teams that carry the West Indies crest.

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Courtesy 2017-03-06 07:39:03 

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A nice examination of the pimple but the cancerous lesion remains...that's where the intellectual incursion should be focused.

XDFIX 2017-03-06 16:17:05 

Is Lazarus among us?

natty_forever 2017-03-06 16:23:46 

In reply to Courtesy... think Lara stop play long time.

big grin

azadtnt 2017-03-10 10:32:45 

It may be that this situation is too deep to be restored anytime soon. the personnel as well as the infrastructure with urgent implementation with patience are the only solution to the problem.

My opinion, a short term plan with the current players around implementing an ongoing coaching and training camp, better balanced pitches at the divisional club level and longer and healthier competition.

The long term plan in the infrastructure and implementation with the youth at school level, ongoing coaching and training camps, better pitches and facilities and long and healthy competition.

These process in a nut shell will need funding and proper management. We the people of the region and the world at large will want to see at least a plan of intent with man dates presented to the public.