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HEADLINE: WICB director: Regional govts must tell the truth 2017-04-14 07:17:10 

An irate West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) director has lashed out at some regional governments for what he says is a clear situation of a fight down.

His comments come 24 hours after T&T Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, speaking on CNC3 TV’s programme the Morning Brew with host Hema Ramkissoon, lashed out at the WICB saying: “Caribbean cricket has been hijacked by a small clique of people who are hell bent on destroying Caribbean cricket.

“And this is my position that unless the question is answered as to who owns that asset we spinning top in mud. I was told to my face, me and my colleague the Prime Minister of Grenada, that you all have no say in this. This is West Indies Cricket Inc. West Indies Cricket Incorporated. And it is their shareholders that they have to please.”

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“While we are not saying that we have all the answers, we think that instead of the governments trying to get rid of the present directors, they should be engaging us in meaningful discussions and come on board and partner with us to make the game and the management better and more effective. The government of Antigua/Barbuda headed by the Honourable Gaston Brown has led the way by partnering with us and assisting where he can help in building a better regional cricket outfit.”

Allyuh failed to implement recommendations arising from your own commissioned reports, it's Caricom governments allyuh will listen to.

What caught me eye though is this: "...we think that instead of the governments trying to get rid of the present directors,..." What's wrong in getting rid of the current crop of directors in the overall interest of West Indies cricket. This self preservation attitude by directors of the WICB has got to stop. This is what has gotten us where we are today...self interest.

Who allyuh tink allyuh fooling?


The Wilkins report was commissioned as a way to seek by in from certain directors after they were adamant that many of recommendations of the Patterson Report will not be implemented...and still they rejected the subsequent Wilkins and the Bariteau Reports.

After the Indian tour fiasco, I spoke with one of the WICB Directors who defended the Chairman of the WICB to the death, insisting that he did not bungle the short, the directors are simply protecting what they perceive as their turf.

The cabal mentality has got to be stopped at all cost, in the interest of West Indies cricket.