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HEADLINE: Heavy IPL bid will force global meltdown of rights industry 2017-07-26 06:47:20 

Even as the Indian Premier League (IPL) media rights auction pits cricket's two giant broadcasters - Star India and Sony Pictures Network - against each other in a fierce number-crunching battle, it is not these two potentially high-profile bidders sweating at the prospect or the eventual outcome.

Instead, as the run-up to August 28 - day of bid submissions - gains momentum, it is cricket boards across the world sweating in anticipation of a mow down.

The India rights for the eagerly awaited India's tour of England in the next English summer of 2018, followed by India's tour of Australia that may include the Boxing Day Test among privileges to be factored in, haven't yet been picked by any broadcaster yet.

These two cricket properties - considered major simply because India happens to be touring - are only the tip of the global cricket rights iceberg that stand to take a severe beating going forward if the bid for the IPL media rights crashes beyond the US$ 3bn (approx Rs 20,000 CR) next month.

"If this is the kind of money being projected for IPL, what will happen to the other boards' rights on the international calendar? Those rights fees will crash by anywhere between 30 to 50%," say those tracking the broadcast rights industry.

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POINT 2017-07-26 18:42:00 

In reply to

Well it seems to me that the ICC & its
Member International Boards are stuck
between a Rock & a Hard Place .

For Years they have ruled Cricket with an Iron Fist , being Arrogant ; Cantankerous ; Egomaniacs .

This behaviour obviously does not cultivate a culture of Loyalty by their Players ; especially those that
are very Good .

Then I will insist that the India Supreme Court decision to rattle the BCCI'S perceived Power has left the
BCCI reeling from the removal of its
President & its Secretary from their
Official positions in the BCCI .

Then Prime Minister Keith Rowley of
Trinidad & Tobago , promises to haul the WICBC/CWI to Court because of its
dismal Stewardship of Cricket in the
Region .

It seems to me that it is the Players who are going to benefit the most in this Arrangement . Perhaps when all the dust is settled International Cricket Boards will no longer be Arrogant ; Cantankerous ; and Egomaniacs .

But as they say , Time Will Tell . One thing is certain ; the attitude of the ICC & its Members will surely have to make serious adjustments regarding their Haughty attitude towards Players .

Who would have thought that One day
the ICC & its Members would One Fine
Day find themselves between the Courts on one hand & the IPL Moguls
on the other hand .

The manner in which most Players have been treated & mistreated by the International Cricket Boards , obviously means that Cricket Boards
surely cannot expect Loyalty from their Players .

BTW , the Best Players are not going to play for the International Cricket
Boards so that :



CAN THEY ALL SURVIVE ???????????????

POINT 2017-07-26 19:00:14 

There will have to be a Meeting of the Minds of ALL involved regarding the
Future of Professional Cricket .

My perspective is that Professional Players around the World would be better off than they currently are .

Perhaps , just perhaps , it may be
the ALL Mighty ICC & its Members seeking relief from the Courts .

I wonder if the Emperor will continue
boldly walking into Radio Stations ,
and making demands regarding who can sit near him & who can ask him Questions .




POINT 2017-07-27 14:30:42 

Apparently this Post is to Toxic for
the Sycophants , & Boot Lickers of
the Worst International Cricket Board
in the Commonwealth .

Or perhaps collectively , they are suffering from Writers Cramp . The fact is that a Freight Train in the form of the IPL is on the Tracks picking up Steam , as it heads
towards the ICC & its Member Boards .

Drapsey 2017-07-27 17:17:25 

In reply to POINT

POINT, couldn't you just resist the urge to kill yet another thread?

TheTrail 2017-07-27 18:23:21 

With all the cuntery repeats I can tell he probably goes to bed around midnight every night otherwise he won’t be repeating the same cuntery every day?

That fugger needs to give the body and mind time to repair itself by going to bed around 9

That's not asking for to much! smile

POINT 2017-07-27 19:11:21 

Evidently some believe that personal attacks will obliterate the fact that
the ICC & its Members are facing dire
consequences .

Launching into personal attacks , aint
going to erase the coming Problems that will be facing the ICC & its Members .

Deal with the coming Crisis that the
ICC & its Members are going to face soon . One thing I know for sure; I will be having the Last Laugh .