HEADLINE: Powell, Hope in Presidentís XI but Ambris snubbed

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4/12/17 6:44:41 AM 

ST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) – Left-hander Kieran Powell was in line for a return to Test action after being named in WICB President’s XI side to face Pakistan in a three-day game starting in Jamaica next weekend.

The 27 year old, who three years ago abruptly took a self-imposed break from the game, announced his return earlier this year by amassing a tournament-best 513 runs in the Regional Super50, with three hundreds.

He was subsequently included in the West Indies one-day squad but has met with little success, scoring a single half-century so far in five innings.

The WICB President’s XI, which will be led as usual by Barbados Pride’s Shamarh Brooks, includes out-of-form left-hander Vishaul Singh as vice-captain, along with the leading run-scorer in the first class tournament, Kyle Hope of Trinidad and Tobago Red Force.

However, not even an imperious double hundred last month has been enough for Sunil Ambris to force his way back into the side.

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4/12/17 7:00:11 AM 
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In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

Maybe because Ambris is in the test squad?

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4/12/17 7:08:18 AM 
In reply to CricketLuva4

That's what I was thinking....

Shamarh Brooks (captain), Vishaul Singh (vice captain), Rahkeem Cornwall, Jahmar Hamilton, Shimron Hetmyer, Kyle Hope, Damion Jacobs, Keon Joseph, Kieran Powell, Raymon Reifer, Kemar Roach.

Aside from the obvious...the top performers in the PCL include veterans Shiv Chanderpaul, Nikita Miller and Devon Smith, so when they are omitted, there's not much left to choose from.

Could this be how they will bat?

1) Kieran Powell
2) Kyle Hope
3) Shimron Hetmyer
4) Shamar Brooks
5) Vishaul Singh
6) Raymon Reifer
7) Jahmar Hamilton
cool Rakheem Cornwall
9) Damion Jacobs
10) Kemar Roach
11) Keon Joseph

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4/12/17 7:13:39 AM 
Does Damion Jacobs bowl the googly and the flipper with regularity?

If not, we can forget about him and others with similar skill.

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4/12/17 7:43:38 AM 
Oh shoot, only one Yardie in 32 year-old Damion Jacobs good enough to make the President's XI?

How the mighty have fallen!

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4/12/17 7:52:42 AM 
In reply to Drapsey

The west indies team is anything but mighty now.
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4/12/17 8:22:17 AM 
In reply to Drapsey

When Yardie team weak correspondingly so is WI team! Match been played in unofficially The Usain Bolt Stadium, West Jamaica near the tourist resort Mecca of Montego Bay. BTW what has Ambris done to selectors if he cannot even make a President X1 team?

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4/12/17 8:55:14 AM 
Buh wait? Them boy buss the news before Judgement? Nah!

Seriously speaking something is wrong if Ambris is not in the Test/Pres XI squads. Let us see what happens with the Test squad.

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4/12/17 9:02:29 AM 
In reply to voiceofreason

Gotta be in the test squad... don't think they gonna leave one the best young batsman out...

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4/12/17 9:52:26 AM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

WTF?? shock

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4/12/17 10:46:22 AM 
In reply to voiceofreason

Judgement know all the players and administrators, he flies with the west indies team

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4/12/17 10:54:31 AM 
The test squad should be the same as the last test match with Shai coming in for Samuels, and Ambris for Lil B, and if Powell, Hope or Hetemeyer makes runs, one of them will come in for Johnson.

If Roach or Joseph bowls well , they will be included in the touring squad as well as Singh.

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4/12/17 11:10:30 AM 
In reply to mikesiva

I think you are correct, a good performance by 2 or3 and they are called into the touring part of 13.

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4/12/17 11:29:53 AM 
In reply to tc1

Mohammed have to fill one of the middle order positions. Him and Hope should be added. Hope Hetmeyer shows out and take the other opening spot. Just no way you can pick a team and Mohammed not be included.


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4/12/17 11:37:16 AM 
In reply to mikesiva
Good that they pick Damion Jacobs,and hopes he does well.

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4/12/17 11:42:54 AM 
In reply to tc1

Judgement knows everything. He is omnipresent and omnipotent...I wonder if he could tell us if Ambris in the Test Squad. smile

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4/12/17 11:47:37 AM 
In reply to seaegg99

a good team, similar to mine

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4/12/17 11:52:40 AM 
In reply to mikesiva

1. Kieran Powell
2. Kyle Hope
3. Shimron Hetmyer
4. Shamar Brooks
5. Vishaul Singh
6. Raymon Reifer
7. Jahmar Hamilton
8. Rakheem Cornwall
9. Damion Jacobs
10. Kemar Roach
11. Keon Joseph

I believe the selectors are looking for that opener to partner Kraig and it boils down to Powell and lodge boy Hope.

It is incumbent on Kyle to put his best foot forward and rack up a fifty or even a century here because Powell is the incumbent here, and he has three centuries at the highest level to prove it.

Whatever the outcome we now know that the selectors are looking for an opener and it is between Kieran Powell and Kyle Hope.

BTW, that is a strong team.

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4/12/17 12:08:43 PM 
In reply to anthonyp

Gotta be in the test squad... don't think they gonna leave one the best young batsman out..

There are four days between the tour match and the Test.

Not difficult for someone to play in both, especially since he has not been proven at any other level but dungheap..he should play this match, even if in the Test squad!!!

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4/12/17 12:55:52 PM 
In reply to TheTrail

Going to try make it down for the Barbados test. First test since Lara beat the Aussies at the Oval.

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4/12/17 1:55:39 PM 
In reply to CricketLuva4

This is why I think Vishal is selected ahead of Ambris, Hamilton is also in the president X1.
Batsman Vishaul Singh's career-best 161, and offspinner Rahkeem Cornwall's 6 for 91 led West Indies A's 333-run rout of Sri Lanka A in the second four-day game at the Pallekele International Stadium. West Indies A levelled the three-match series with the win.

Vishaul Singh, Cornwall headline WI A's dominancel

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4/12/17 1:57:02 PM 
not one player from Trini- guess they are all shite hounds
shock shock big grin

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4/12/17 3:09:32 PM 
In reply to openning

There's room for both, one to play as a specialist..our teams have been playing with 2 & 3 WK as specialist bats..it wouldnt be new

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4/12/17 3:13:15 PM 
In reply to voiceofreason
He is in the test squad.

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4/12/17 3:23:03 PM 
In reply to Star

Wah happen to us?

The days of players auditioning in trial matches done?

Whats the purpose of the tour games other than for the visitors to get practise??

We don't get anything out of it anymore??

I realise we been doing this for some time now.

I dont buy this logic, makes no sense to me.

If you have em in the squad..it must be likely that he'll play in case of injury to an incumbent..at least, so ..why not let him get used to playing with the big boys?

We continue to fail to prepare a players..even a smidgen..this was the easiest thing to do...I'm sure if you ask him, if he's ready for this..he would have relished the opportunity to play this game...AND the test...I dont get it

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