HEADLINE: Hetmyer, Singh chosen, Powell recalled for first Test against Pakistanis

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4/17/17 10:47:51 PM 
I do not like some of the selections, I think Mohammed should have been included as he has proven he can perform on the international stage, Hetmeyer could have been given more time in the regional games, however the coach and selectors have the final say.

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4/17/17 11:37:14 PM 
In reply to Runs

This game is at Sabina not the ME.

I want Bishoo to do well/develop but without good variation, masterful players of spin will flay him more often than not.

In my day U-19 leggie had variation a plenty. cool

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4/17/17 11:43:03 PM 
In reply to Slipfeeler

Blackwood has a 1st Cl, dungheap, avg of 31 with 4 centuries, while Hope avg is 45 with 5 centuries and is more than 2 yrs younger. cool

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4/18/17 12:38:36 AM 
In reply to mkcharles

With comments like this which I respect but totally in disagreement kind of make me understand and question why WI cricket is suffering?

The infrastructure of WI cricket is less to nothing, therefore the cupboard is empty. We do not have or produce quality players anymore. Take a good look at this team and really tell me if this team is capable of taking 20 wickets and making 300 runs in any test match???

Geographic politics by the WICB, selectors and some fans continue to plague WI cricket and dispite the horrible record of late we continue to play dead weight players and deprive others that is inform and deserves a look.

Sad very sad!!

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4/18/17 2:33:24 AM 
In reply to solidrock

Bishoo has been one of the most consistent bowlers for the windies in recent times mate.

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4/18/17 6:26:13 AM 
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It does not matter whether Hetmyer is selected in the final XI or not because he is going to be one of the WI top test batsmen over the next 15 years.He follows in the tradition of Lara,Chanderpaul and Sarwan.
Pity so many people on this board have zero vision.

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4/18/17 7:30:55 AM 
In reply to mkcharles

The Ja wicket is not what you perceive it to be. "What used to be is not anymore!" I do agree Holder should be more of a batsman that bowls and pick four frontline bowlers Gabriel, Joseph, Cornwall & Bishoo then you have Holder, Reifer and even Mohammed (if selected) to add to your variety. To be competitive in any test match, you must take twenty wickets at a decent economy rate. Our batsmen are going in to bat under a lot of pressure most of the time with Hugh scores and tied after fielding for almost two days.

My squad would have been Brathwaite, Powell, Hope, Mohammed, Singh, Holder, Dowrich, Cornwall, Bishoo, Joseph, Gabriel, Reifer, Hetmyer and Cariah.

Bowlers that can take 20 wickets and batsmen that could bat both spin and pace/seam.

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4/18/17 2:02:23 PM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

This is one of the reasons why our players are not improving. Their selection is almost certain hence no reason for discipline, respect or good work ethic.

Blackwood, Chase Cummings and even for most part Holder have not produced close to their expectations. No consistency or improvements in their game yet they continue to be considered while players who have improved and consistent are being ignored. Mohammed, Reifer, Khan, Miller, Cornwall!!!!???

The selectors may have played for their country or the region but with very little success. How are they qualified for the job of selector?

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4/18/17 2:26:33 PM 
In reply to azadtnt

Blackwood, Chase Cummings and even for most part Holder have not produced close to their expectations. No consistency or improvements in their game yet they continue to be considered while players who have improved and consistent are being ignored. Mohammed, Reifer, Khan, Miller, Cornwall!!!!???

You like others go for the flavour of the series, ignoring players last series performance, the West Indies won its last test against Pakistan, and you want to dropped Blackwood and Chase.
Both guys are still green at the International level, and can only get better by playing against the best.
Whats needed is an opener to partner Kraigg, Darren Bravo back at #3, and above average spinner.
Gabriel, Joseph and Holder can spearhead the bowling core.

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4/18/17 2:28:11 PM 
In reply to azadtnt

We don't have to split hairs bro because all the players we are "arguing" about are marginal. It all come down to personal preference and what how we think the game should be played.

I think JoMo has great skills just like I do a guy like a Carter, but these guys have shown consistently that they are mentally deficient. JoMo has been a consistent List A Player for a while so a few good international innings NOW in ODI does not now supplant the evidence of 11 years of underachievement for his talent. It's why Samuels has played for so long. His so called "Sub-par" performances have still been better than all of the pretenders of the current vintage both locally and internationally.

In order to win we have to first know how to set up not to lose. We continually play teams that cannot take 20 wickets and we play top order batsmen who have demonstrated that they cannot bat 200 balls in a match regardless of their chosen method. We have a love for the stylist and the shot makers, but our best run scorer still churns out scores at an age past 40 because he truly understands the art of batting.

Left to me I would have Gabriel, Alzharri and Roach all in my XI as would I bat Jason at No.5. The balance of our teams and the roles of players have been our biggest problem given our current resources. The likes of Blackwood will not win us matches let alone draw one since Test Cricket is a 450 overs game and he cannot stay at the crease long enough to make a difference. Time is the most precious asset in Test Cricket.

We also have to pick horses for courses and while Bishoo may have won a match on the continent and the pitches here are sub-par and underprepared, unless he is an exceptional spinner, which he isn't, how can he or any of the spinners play every match. That is why there has to be a role in a squad for a Chase, for a Cornwall type for balance and we cant discount a Reifer type to replace one of the three pacers (excluding Jason)to bring balance and give the captain varying OPTIONS.

I support the inclusion of Singh, and Hetmeyer is an imaginative pick. We will find out a lot about the recalled Powell this series and I will give him the benefit of my scepticism. I wish him well. Hope is an improving talent and the rest earn their play because they are as honest as the day is long.

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4/18/17 2:32:20 PM 
In reply to mkcharles

u have some long postings

lol lol

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4/18/17 4:07:00 PM 
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Blackwood plays, Sabina Park.

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4/18/17 4:40:47 PM 
[b]In reply to openning[/b

Players at any level are normally analyzed by other team technical staff. It is the players and their coaching staff to work on their weaknesses and strengthen their game. It is apparent the WI players are the least improved players today. Hence we have dropped down the rating while others have improved. The work ethic, diet and mental development of our players are poor, the evidence is on the field.

The other aspect of this is the Administration who have failed to implement and strengthen the infrastructure of the sport in the region. They are occupied by incompetent personnel hence one of the main reasons for a falling sport in the region.

We as fans can only voice our opinion based on what is being produced on the field together with the overwhelming politics that is suppressing the progress of the sport and players in the region.

Blackwood should be in the ODI and t20 setup NOT Test
Chase is an onside batsman and is limited and targeted when batting. His bowling needs variation such as a doosra, his height is an advantage but his overall performances have been below par.
Holder needs to work on his bowling he should be in the team for his batting and not as a main bowler. His captaincy his also a ???
Cummings needs another chance on home soil where he will be more relaxed.
The bowlers NEED to bowl a good line and length and use the short ball as a tool NOT a regular ball.

My choice of thirteen where the batting is very inexperienced and needs to be strengthen hence the need for selecting inform players KB, KP, Hope, Singh, Moh'd, Holder, Dorwrich, Reifer, Cornwall, Joseph, Gabriel, Jacobs, Cariah.

Remember this is my choice and brief reasoning behind my selection.

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4/18/17 7:49:34 PM 
In reply to tc1

sorry... big grin

link mkcharles Joined: Feb 27, 2010
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4/18/17 8:01:05 PM 
In reply to azadtnt

..and you are entitled to your opinions too...

BTW there is nothing wrong with being an "on-side" player in the same way that there are some who stay leg side and only play through the off side. If the player is a hard worker, understands his game and understands how to construct an innings then success can also be achieved...temperament and aptitude is what gets you runs in cricket even for the genius of our time like Garry, Viv, Lara.

I for example consider Lil Bravo to be a limited batsman whose weaknesses are well documented by international bowlers, but yet most consider him to be Lara Mark II based on how he picks up the blade and plays through the off side.

I have said my bit on how I believe the cricket should be played even if a bit long winded for some... big grin

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4/18/17 8:01:34 PM 
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Hety is over 1000 FC runs at 35+

that is not bad for a 20 year old

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4/18/17 8:07:45 PM 
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In reply to Narper

Deo was de best towel fetcher coming out of Mudland big grin big grin

He took his job seriously...yet dem drop him big grin


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4/18/17 8:44:23 PM 
In reply to mkcharles

kool bru, just joking, good analysis

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4/18/17 8:47:57 PM 
In reply to Raggs

Blackie is needed as a senior to take the pressure off on Shai

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4/18/17 9:06:59 PM 
In reply to mkcharles

You mentioned some great names, however, Chase, Bravo etc are no greats. Hence the reasoning behind my opinion. These guys have a very poor work ethic where discipline, respect and hard work is lacking in their preparation to become better players. It's difficult to support or defend them when their performances speak for itself.

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4/21/17 5:37:43 AM 
So, how did the new inclusions in the Test team perform in the PCL?

1) Kieran Powell - 342 runs @ ave of 28.50
2) Shimron Hetmyer - 496 runs @ ave of 38.15
3) Vishaul Singh - 317 runs @ ave of 26.41

Veterans Shiv Chanderpaul and Devon Smith outperformed this trio in the PCL. Kyle Hope, Yannick Cariah, Sunil Ambris, Jahmar Hamilton and Raymon Reifer all did better too, but have been ignored. This seems to tell me that the WICB still consider the PCL to be a low-quality tournament, and that a one-off match against a rusty Pakistan side trying to get used to Caribbean conditions is of more value....

The PCL clearly still has a long way to go to get credibility.

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4/21/17 10:54:08 AM 
In reply to WestDem

4/17/17 4:39:55 PM

1: KB
2: Powell
3: Hope
4: Hetmyer
5: Singh
6: Dorwich
7: Chase
8: Holder
9: Bishoo
10: Alzarri
11: Gabriel

That is my XI for the 1st Test!

West Indies Brathwaite, Powell, Hetmyer, Hope, Singh, Dowrich (wk), Chase, Holder (capt), Bishoo, Joseph, Gabriel

This is called thinking like a West Indian Selecta! Only error is the #3 and #4 batting!
lol lol

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