HEADLINE: Convincing players to tour Pakistan will be challenging says Cameron

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9/18/17 9:03:51 PM 
In reply to sandisha

1. Courtney Brown-captain, 2.Eldine Baptiste,3. Lockhart Sebastien,4.Travis Dowlin, 5. Wavel Hines 5.Dave Cameron, 6. Emmanuel Nanthan, 7. Jimmy Adams 8. Richard Pybus 9. Anthony Astaphan since he is their lawyer, and all the rest that helped Dave Cameron to destroy our cricket.

Agreed 100%

lol lol lol

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9/18/17 9:11:20 PM 
In reply to sandisha

I also do hope that those who refuse to go will not be punished and banned for good. One just cannot predict these "big idiots" running our cricket.

They wont be "officially" banned...just not selected.

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9/18/17 10:36:08 PM 
What a forking skunt this Cameron is.

No matter how hard he tries to be other than. Wait... He's never tried

What a skunt

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9/19/17 1:55:35 AM 
In reply to sgtdjones

I am of the opinion that it is ALL
ABOUT MONEY . I do not believe that
Cameron & Co want to send the Players
to Pakistan ; and it seems that , the Unrest in Pakistan has provided him with a convenient Excuse not to Tour
Pakistan .

If the Tour is abandoned , it will save Cameron & Co Money . It is all about Money . It is never about Harnessing & Honing our Players Skills so that they are fully competitive in the International Cricket Arena .

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